Built for Greatness

Within each of us is a reason. You were made for something great!

And once you determine what your purpose is, you’ll ignite a fire, a passion, a life force inside of you that reminds you that you’re on the right track!!!

But getting there…

Sifting through the needs of those around us, the expectations of our society, the influences of the media, the popular opinion, and our family’s advice. And then comparing those plans and ideas that everyone else has for our life against our constraints of time, energy, and sanity. The process can be daunting.

And even if you ignore the void for the sake of this deadline or that activity, that sense of purpose is relentless. Even when you attempt to fill the void with shopping, chocolates, spa-dates, and trips, it will never be satisfied.

It is yelling out to you that you have a purpose. You were made for something great!

And it knows that you want (really want!) to experience the fire-burning, energetic, life force that comes from discovering our purpose!

I know where you are because I have been there! And I found my passion.

I rediscovered my interests, and found my life force, but only after I turned down the noise.

Let me assist you in remembering what made you smile before demands were made on your time. Let’s eliminate the noise, take down the roadblocks, and find your passion! You will be so glad you did!

Imagine waking up tomorrow with intention, drive, and energy!!!