Dragon of Fear

Many of us suffer from complacency at some point. We drive to town in a trance. We perform our daily routine with only part of our brain. We are always in the middle of a conversation with ourselves regarding the to do list. We truly live only a percentage of each day.

There Used to be More Joy

How often do you laugh or do something goofy or sporadic?

This should be daily!!!

Maybe you van remember when you did feel adventurous and fun! I’ll imagine you’ll tell me life was easier. Was life really easier?

There were issues (even if we have since forgotten them), and even though those issues may seem insignificant looking back, we thought they were real issues back then. Life threw us obstacles, albeit different obstacles, but we changed how well we jumped over those obstacles!!!

Beatific coaching is all about getting you to your goals through the 4 elements of wellness. And the same concepts and practice applies whether you have an Olympic-sized dream or if you just want to laugh more!

The Main Culprits

Many of my clients have doubts at the beginning, and I’m good with that. But they show up, put in the work, and ask the hard questions, and often the underlying issue holding them back is fear and lack of hope!!


Fear is powerful. It holds us hostage. Fear of the unknown leaks into our minds and creates caves of doubt and hedges of excuses that prevent us from leaving.

And then we dress these fears up in scary costumes to validate that those thoughts have credibility.

But I discovered from battling my own fire-breathing, murky water dwelling, cave slithering dragons of fear (all life-changing decisions have them) that we give fear value. If we think that monster under our bed is scary, it’s really scary. Our mind assigns a value to every fear based off of information it has available. We assign really high values to things we don’t understand, and dress those ones up in some super scary costumes!!!

Get ready to stare down your dragon so that you can remove that scary costume!

Tear off the costume and then decide how scary that dragon really is!

So, let’s win that staring contest you have with your dragon of fear! Let’s conquer self doubt. Let’s better define your goal! Let’s commit to a plan to get you where you want to be! Let’s make this next chapter beatific!