Work With Beatific Wellness

Discovery calls. Strategy sessions. Consultations. Oh my!!

Whatever we label it, I want you to know, first and foremost, that you deserve to be proud of yourself!

Just being here and reading this means that you know that you CAN enjoy a life of abundance with great relationships and awesome wellness. And that you know that you have a purpose and a gift that the world needs.

It also means that you are curious about the next step: a no-risk, no-guilt, no-judgement call with me.

So pat yourself on the back!!

Our call is a celebration. And in the style of a celebration, at the end you will leave celebrated for the items you were willing to share, educated and empowered to move forward, and inspired to complete the list of actionable steps, either with me or on your own.

Women who get to this point already know that they were designed with purpose and have done their homework. They have read about my signature program, Brain-Scaping, and checked the FAQs (here), watched my latest video or live (here), subscribed to my newsletter (here), and read my blog posts.

They’ve imagined what life will be like. They have invested their time connecting with my free content and know that I can help!

And since you fit right in line with that group, I know you’re super excited to take the first steps towards one or all of the following:


A Conscious, Wellness-driven Lifestyle.

Creating and Improving relationships.

Saying YES to your dreams, goals, and purpose.

Sharing your gifts.

Now, if you’re not familar with me or my offerings, go do some of the items listed above.

If my words, videos, content, and program resonate with you, then take this moment (right now before life pulls you away) to BOOK OUR CALL!!

Let’s Connect on a ZOOM call

As noted, this call is a celebration in your honor, so please schedule your call when you can be free of distractions.


If someone has referred you (since referrals are the absolute best compliment), I would like to thank you both. Please mention the referral on our call.

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