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Beatific Wellness is an online boutique that was created with the sole purpose to help women feel better!!

Fueled by scientific breakthroughs and passion, sustainable, natural wellness sometimes requires immediate and guaranteed results through natural short-term detox, long-term success from shifting mindset, kicking the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety,  learning the art of meditation, and the education and empowerment that comes from the studies of epigenetics and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Beatific Wellness covers all of these with an individualized, holistic approach to wellness that goes through the three tiered approach to wellness.

No matter where you are in your wellness journey (or your level of “crunchy”), there’s no judgement. I have been shamed for seeking wellness through conventional medicine and also scrutinized for researching less-traditional paths towards wellness. I look forward to holding the space for you so that you can choose your own path.



Special Considerations

Since I am continuously learning and providing the latest science to my current clients, I am only able to support a limited number of new clients each month. If you are an energetic, positive woman tired of chasing wellness, be sure to schedule your 15 minute free consult now!

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Since referrals are the absolute best compliment, I really enjoy offering great ‘thank you’ discounts both to the referred client and the client that referred them! 


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