Beatific (adj.) – Blissfully Happy



The plot

With the fad diets, tinctures, tonics, oils, herbs, spices, cleanses, detoxes, salves, creams, and organic, gluten-free, allergy-free, paraben-free, taste-free, preservative-free, enzyme-free, chemical-free products, and the research-based dialogue on the news and social media indicating that eggs are first bad, then good, then evil, and keto is the new best thing and then that it it’s the worst, and the highs and lows of the other super fads like bulletproof coffee, coconut oil, and even bacon, it is really easy to get lost in wellness.

And before you know it, you have rancid potions in capsules, flasks, and bottles with no recollection what they do or which ones should be applied to your feet, your tongue, or your dog, and you don’t feel any better. In fact, many who follow the trends end up feeling worst with a candida infection or the like, with their weight yo-yo-ing, and their moods, tempers, hormones, and metal cognition suffering.

Wellness is not difficult.

So shut the magazine, quit the goggle searches, and stop believing everything shared on social media or shown on the television.

Instead, raise your cup towards simplified wellness, because you are in the right place!!!

Simplifying wellness is crucial and desperately needed based on the current predictions:

When you’re ready for simplified wellness with real, actionable steps that will get you on your way towards sustainable wellness, check out the “Work with Beatific wellness” page in the menu above.

the villain

Due to fads and trends that have been sold with glamorous ads and enticing, high-protein, low-fat, highly processed, sugar-infused products to trusting audiences, our nation’s current prognosis is startling. In addition to a health concern coined by some as the 3rd type of Diabetes, the prediction is that this generation (our generation) may be the first generation NOT to live as long as their parents.

With life expectancy expected to take a fall and the epidemic number of Americans suffering from Diabetes, Heart Disease, Autoimmune disease, and other chronic illness, it is hard to rationalize that we as a nation spend more money on healthcare than any other nation in the world, and yet we seem to have the least healthy population.

the leading role

By simplifying wellness and partnering with you for your wellness voyage, you won’t have to fall prey to the glamorous commercials or succumb to the latest, greatest pill that the pharmaceutical companies can create in a lab. You’ll have a health partner with you on your journey, who has already fallen prey and succumbed to the media bling, inadequate research studies, and the no-chemical, super-crunchy movement, all so you don’t have to.

This is your story. You have the leading role, the spotlight, and your picture is on the cover. So be unique, like you are. And let’s tailor your plan so that it aligns with the researrch and wisdom, but is also appropriate for you right now!

The path to true wellness meets you where you are.

There are no prerequisites. Just the desire to feel better, the eagerness to step in a new direction, and the realization that the path you are on now is NOT where you want to be in 5 years or 10 years. Imagine your future and decide where you want to go.

Instant gratification will always rob you of long-term success.

the duel

Wellness is a constant, consistent duel between instant gratification and the delayed-gratification that allows for long-tern success.

This duel exists in finances, time management, business, and almost every other area of our daily lives: to drive fast and get a ticket or find peace during the commute, to eat out or go home and cook, to be present on social media or be present with your family on the couch, to order fake honey on Amazon or get dressed and go to the Farmer’s Market, to enjoy that chocolate eclair or that carrot. The list is endless.

And whether we like it or not, living in a world of instant-gratification with all of it’s perks can be detrimental to our health.

When you are ready to kick instant gratification, check out the “Work with Beatific wellness” page in the menu above.

the car scene

Like many of the movies on our family’s playlist, wellness also has a car scene. Except in this one, you’re riding a bicycle.

You’re moving those pedals as fast as you can, your hair is kind of moving with the small breeze, you’re really working hard and when you’re going down hill, you feel great, but those hills burn. You’re muscles are starting to ache, you’re dreaming of that chocolate eclair or feeling winded because you don’t want to quit smoking, and now, with the wind picking up and the leaves scattering past you, you’re bicycling into the wind.

You have three choices. (I firmly velieve there are always three choices to every question; two that are the givens and one that is creative.)

Your choices are to keep it up, that’s what will power is for; stop at that little coffee shop and take a rest, maybe call an Uber; or get in the car and plug in your destinating into GPS.

Now it’s starting to rain.

Which one will you choose?

So why did we choose the car?

the choice

We all have confidence that, if our destination is on a road, stopping and getting off the bicycle, getting in the car, and putting on your seat belt, even though it did not provide any forward movement towards your destination during that time, was nonetheless time well spent because the car can get us there faster.

When you’re tired of bicycling on your health journey, fueled by google searches and social media wellness posts, and you’re ready to get in the car and type in “wellness” into the GPS, check out the “Work with Beatific wellness” page in the menu above.

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Lewis Carroll

the journey

Right now. Are you headed towards your career goals at the expense of your health, or stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or burned-out? Perhaps, you even feel “broken”.

I can help with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, feeling broken, and working to the expense of my health, because I have been there. We have a to do list a mile long for home, and another for work, and another for our health. I understand the balancing, the urgency, and the inadequacy that that will eventually lead to. And I also know how to help! And the wellness (and even weight) benefits of clearing out those emotions are fascinating.

The path to true wellness meets you where you are and takes a holistic approach.

Having a wonderful mind, but a weak body makes you fragile; having a strong soul, but weak mind makes you divisive; and having a strong body and a weak soul makes you a flip-flop.

beatific wellness

Health and wellness programs must be holistic.

The compartmentalized approach of western medicine where you visit the hand doctor for the hand and the nose doctor for the nose and the heart doctor for the heart is only 100% successful if the hand, nose, and heart are each on a petri dish, alone.

Our cells are dependent on one another, and they communicate. The inflammation from that IUD can cause inflammation elsewhere in your body and the immunity that fought that germ in your nose actually started in your gut. Compartmentalized medicine does not understand the domino effect that each action begins.

In fact, we now know that the nutritional advantages and disadvantages of your grandmother has epigenetically changed your gene expression. And through Ayurvedic wisdom, we also understand that our immunity, hair, skin, senses, structure, and even our moods are directly related to our current imbalance, as well as the climate and time.

I’ll refrain from geeking out, but the connections are astounding, and when we understand them, we are even closer to being able to prevent illness.

Ready for holistic health? Check out the “Work with Beatific wellness” page in the menu above.

never alone

Having a health partner that desires for you exactly what you desire for you, who takes a holistic approach to health and realizes that you are not a just a number in a doctor’s office, but a human being influenced by your internal and external environments.

A health partner coaches, guides, mentors, and facilitates wellness through education and empowerment.

And when you eat the entire birthday cake, I won’t just ask if you were hungry, we’ll look at your brain. “Were you fully present and did you enjoy every bite, or were you buffering”, “how did you feel afterwards and how do you feel now”, and I’ll say “happy birthday”!

It’s a second perspective on what is going on in your head so you can escape the “don’t die” default programming and enjoy the “quality of life” and “wellness” programs as well!!

be your own hero

There is a reason why the diet that worked for your friend, the cleanse that worked for your neighbor, or the detox that the actress that you love swears by didn’t work and won’t work for you. There’s a reason that you were so irritable after eating that food. It all makes sense, and understanding your body means understanding why your body responded the way it did to certain climates, activities, foods, or situations.

Education leads to empowerment, and through empowerment we realize that it doesn’t make sense for the doctor to know more about your body than we know about our own body.

Ready to be your own health hero!!! Check out the “Work with Beatific wellness” page in the menu above.

Being happy in your skin is the most amazing, and least expected bi-product of wellness, and it begins with empowerment. When we acknowledge that certain aspects of wellness are up to us, we begin owning our bodies and learn gratitude for these vessels. We also learn to listen and make better decisions for them. With gratitude and grace, we’ll finally experience happiness.

Happiness is the highest form of health.

Dalai Lama

It really is a wonderful time to be alive, and a magnificent time to be well!

the hero’s toolbox

Our services Include:

Practical ways to keep up your energy and vitality, and support immunity

Step-by-step detox for your home, brain, and body

Holistic prevention of disease, ailments, and even menstrual symptoms

Nutrition based on your schedule, disposition, and imbalances

Schedule to balance your sleep and digestion, creating harmony and balance

Knowledge of your body: your current imbalances, dispositions, and the epigenetic impact you have on your children

Food and environment sensitivity evaluations

Ready? Check out the “Work with Beatific wellness” page in the menu at the top of the page, or click below to see my calendar.

As we age, we put everything at stake when we get ill. Whether by brain fog, physical ailments, or disease, today is the perfect day to begin feeling better and planning health into our day.

For this reason, Beatific Wellness hosts online workshops to help facilitate wellness through education and empowerment. Please be sure to share those events as well as our health partnering and group sessions with your friends,family, coworkers, and neighbors!