Since we are the people that we spend the most time with, I choose to work with positive individuals. For this reason, I allow myself to be highly selective with whom I spend a great deal of time.

Consultation / Discovery Call

I employ consultations, sometimes referred to as “discovery calls”, to provide free value while also ensuring that we work well together.


Applications may also be utilized, but are often reserved for limited-access programs, such as signature programs or retreats.


Contracts are valuable tools that both articulate and communicate expectations, but also hold each of us accountable to those expectations.

A contract will be utilized to ensure that our meeting times, meeting frequency, length of time, length of service and/or number of sessions, and any provisions to that schedule are well communicated. It will also document the investment, payment option(s), and how discrepancies are handled.


Please refer to “Disclaimer” / “Legal” for additional information.

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