When you have the know-how, education, and have proven yourself in similar situations, the only thing between you and that DREAM JOB is a single paper … The resumé!!

And that piece of paper needs to provide an amazing first impression.

It should SCREAM “qualified” and “perfect”!

Let’s face it. Your resume will meet the hiring manager before you will, and that resume may get scrutinized later, but that first impression can leave a good or bad taste in their mouth.

And even though staying at home with our kids is the most valuable job in the world, unless that hiring manager has been there, they may not fully appreciate the skills, responsibilities, and experiences required and how those translate into you being the ideal applicant! … That is what the resumé is for!! I

Your resume is your opportunity to showcase and highlight those skills, responsibilities, and experiences that make YOU the perfect candidate, no matter if you were paid at that time or not!!

By focusing on experience and results, your resume can scream QUALIFIED and PERFECT even with gaps in paid work hostory.

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