Signature Program – Enrollment begins March 20th, 2020

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from Brain-Scaping?

Brain-Scaping, Beatific Wellness’ signature program, is for women who need to experience abundance, meaningful relationships, and wellness in order to pursue their purpose of sharing their gift with the world.

Do I have to be an entrepreneur?

No. Purpose-driven women in any industry are invited to apply.

Is there a payment plan for Brain-Scaping?

Yes. You can make 2 even payments or receive a $600 discount by paying in full.

What are the time commitments?

I work with a lot of moms that are entrepreneurs, so we block off one hour two times a week for our calls. Since our calls will only last 15 minutes, this arrangement allows you to join at the beginning or middle of the hour during each of our scheduled calls.

Do you offer discounts or other programs?

Yes. A generous referral discount if both parties enroll at the same time. Amount of discount dependent on the program.

Only a select number of my ongoing packages are offered during the signature program. See below.

If you have a question that I have not listed, please reach out to me:

Additional Opportunities


Two one-hour intensives to create clarity and focus based on personality, talents, lifestyle, and ambitions. Ideal for those that just need a plan. –$400/2 sessions

Ten-Weeks to Get “Un-Stuck”

It’s hard to drive a parked car! This ten-week program reiterates the relationship between careful planning and taking the CORRECT actions. This is perfect for those feeling “stuck” in their work current situation, treading water in the entrepreneurial stream, or trying to discover their purpose. Includes Voxer. –$1600/10 weeks

Weekly Sessions, Abundance

Focused on Abundance, manifestation, and feminine and masculine qualities.. –$2000/4 months

Couples Coaching, Relationships

Begins with weekly independent individual sessions followed by joint couple sessions. –$10,000/6 months

Entrepreneurial Path, Couples

Joint couples sessions set on beginning a business with expert advice in each of the different facets. –Varies.

Corrosive Change

Change can seem daunting, unfair, or even corrosive. This opportunity offers non-traditional accessibility, and requires an application. All-access pass to maintaining equilibrium, clarity, and focus during a fearful time saturated with change. Voxer, email, and up to three weekly ZOOM calls. –$8000/3 months

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