Wellness Opportunities

Like caffeine, WELLNESS OPPORTUNITIES come in several shapes and sizes!

Select an opportunity below and we can start today!

😍 Caffeine not included in sessions. 😍

Mini-Latte Clarity Session

Single session to create clarity, focus, and intention for your wellness journey. Ideal for those confident a few actionable steps will do! –$150/session

Coffee Pass, Six-Week Wellness Kick Start

Six week wellness kick start! With an emphasis on the organic connection between lifestyle, emotion, and your microbiome, as well as the most common ailments of lymphatic congestion, upward moving vata, fungal overgrowth, and a number of other seemingly-complex, but easy-to-remedy wellness concerns that plague many of us, this is a very popular choice!! Perfect for those “stuck” in the overwhelm of their symptoms or just beginning their wellness journey. –$1200/6 weeks

Spiced Cider, Weekly Focus Sessions

For the overly-committed, party-planning socialite workaholic and the brownie-baking, crafting, pinterest-loving soccer mom alike, this is the spiced cider that warms you up, calms you down, and gets you focused so that you can take the next step on your wellness journey! Choosing the frequency and length of our sessions (one 45-minute or two 20-minute), these weekly sessions are the brain child of one of my first clients. –$500/month

Coffee & Spirits, Flexible & Weekly

NEW!!! Flexible option for those reluctant to commit to a single time. Ideal for professionals constantly racing the clock as well as those creatively-gifted entrepreneurs and busy moms that desire adaptive scheduling. This weekly opportunity allows you to schedule two 60-minute sessions with me each week, while attending only one. –$800/month

Espresso I.V., Ferocious All-Access Pass

An all-access pass to maintaining equilibrium, clarity, and focus on this exhilarating and heart-wrenching wellness ride! Email and text access as well as one weekly call (scheduled 8 hours in advance). Ideal for those with monstrous goals and a ferocious drive to tackle their wellness before it takes them down. –$2000/month