By educating and equipping my clients with tools, strategies, and studies, they are able to make educated short-term decisions based on their long-term goals. This means permanent, sustainable change!!!

This model applies to every aspect of your life, but your success depends on your commitment, so there are no guarantees implied. No promises of results are expressed or implied, either written or verbal.

I love helping my clients realize their dreams. I want you to succeed with perfect, beatific wellness and live a full, rich, positive life after working with me.

Medical disCLaimer

I am not a licensed, unlicensed, or in any form, a medical doctor, nutritionist, lawyer, accountant, physical therapist, judge, or psychologist. I am also not a mathematician, accountant, alien, investment expert, or financial adviser. I do hold degrees, am knowledgeable and educated, and I care … but I am not a substitute for any of these other occupations.

The information provided by Beatific Wellness, in person, via communication, or found on this website, is strictly for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

I advocate for my clients’ wellness regarding all elements of wellness. Beatific Wellness is not a substitute for seeking medical attention.

I aim to educate and provide research-based options tailored to your body, situation, and stressors based on your goals, dreams, and ambitions.

It is necessary to work closely with your doctor when attempting a medication or lifestyle change.

Accessing this site, reading the material contained on this site, corresponding with me, or otherwise using this site, material, or interactions from Beatific Wellness do not create, nor is it intended, to create a physician-patient or therapist-client relationship.

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