Peace is a staple, and yet so few have peace because every circumstance sends their little sail boat across the ocean. Why? Because they don’t have an anchor.

I am not a boating expert by any means, but the purpose of an anchor is very clear. It keeps you tethered to something that won’t move.

And that is just what clarity does. It is the anchor that connects your little sail boat to its purpose.

So whether you call it a goal, ambition, passion, purpose, or dream, clarity is what anchors you to it during the rough waters!

Although vital, clarity is the most often over-looked piece of any plan!

Now a purpose by any other name is still a lot of work. Nobody ever had the purpose to sit at home and binge-watch streamed TV. And even though work is an accepted price for anything notably called a goal, passion, or purpose, it does not have to be a rough ride.

Imagine waking up every morning with clear focus!! That peace that comes with the chatter level turned off in your brain! That is called clarity!!

And with the right guide, you can enjoy clarity and calm waters!

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