Mind drama prevents any action that could lead to peace.

Because the path to peace is NOT the path of least resistance.💦💦

In fact, the path to peace requires clarity, actions, and purpose, and our minds see those at “work”, and our mind values comfort over work, even if the outcome would be peace.

💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖

To break it down, consider a sailboat that goes every which way, aimlessly with the wind. That is life with brain drama.

Now, add an anchor, and that sailboat will still whether the same storms, but at the end of the storm, it will know where it is!!

That is life with clarity and purpose.

With purpose as your anchor and clarity as the connection to your sailboat, you can’t go wrong!!

Path of Least Resistance

But that is not the path of least resistance!

So, naturally our minds convince us that we either don’t have a purpose, or perhaps worse, that our job is our purpose!🙀

Now, it is possible to live your purpose through your job, but, as stated, that takes work, and our minds prefer comfort over work!!

The Undeniable Truths

If your heart is beating, it means three things:

  1. 💥💥You have a purpose.
  2. 💥💥You are worthy.
  3. 💥💥You have been provided another day to fulfill your purpose!

Whether you prefer to use the words goal, ambition, passion, or dream in place of purpose, the undeniable truth is that peace comes when you’re in alignment with your purpose!

And that alignment comes with clarity!

🙀Signs and Symptoms of Brain Drama🙀

These are some of the ways that mind drama may be keeping you from having clarity or following your purpose:



💣Habit of “Busy”

💣Negative Self Talk




Now, if you’re completely honest, you probably suffer from at least one of these, but for my clients that are insistent that they don’t stress, worry, have anxiety, or judge, and that they only speak kind words to themselves, I congratulate them!! 😏 But more often than not, they complain of one or more of the following symptoms.

These symptoms are indicative of an unsatisfied microbiome (remember, it’s all connected!) or a very tight lid on a person’s emotions, feelings, and thoughts, so much so that they don’t realize the abusive broken record of self-talk they consume daily. 🙊🙉🙈

Here are the most common external symptoms of mind drama:


🔥Consistent Financial Feast or Famine

🔥Inadequate compensation (For business owners, this is undervaluing, underselling, underpricing)

🔥Unorganized and / or forgetful

🔥Intuitively deaf

🔥Spending Hours Buffering

🔥Overcomplicating Things

🔥Starting Arguments (for Attention)

🔥Damzel in Distress Behaviour

🔥Not taking action

🔥Being a door mat

There are obviously many, many others!

The Better Path

Now, imagine waking up every morning excited to get out of bed. Having absolute and deliberate actions to take and knowing that you get to go go do them!

Peace is not just for having fulfilled your purpose. t is available to go with you for the whole journey!!

And your peace, clarity, and purpose are on the otherside of that brain drama!!!

So let’s forego the path of least resistance and embark on the better path!

Let’s Go!

You can stalk me on facebook, Download my guide to self-sabotage (if you want success, but you’re not successful, this will interest you), or jump on the phone with me!!

Either Way, I look forward to helping you step away from the brain drama into a world of clarity, purpose, and peace so you can do your happy dance!! … And once we’re there, I’m going to show you how to do more than just have a satisfied life (name of my facebook group), but to also make having it all a non-negotiable!!! Because:

  1. 💥💥You have a purpose.
  2. 💥💥You are worthy.
  3. 💥💥You have been provided another day to fulfill your purpose!
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