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A Smorgasbord of Options

What is candida overgrowth?
Why does my tongue tingle?
Can I ever eat gluten again?
Is milk bad?
What causes brain fog?
How does lymphatic congestion cause my fingers or ankles to swell, or my hands to feel cold?
What can I do about arthritis?
I have an autoimmune disease. What do I do now?

Era of Sanitizer

Provided the correct resources and environments, our bodies are masterful and capable of protecting us, unless we continue to stimulate the bad bugs, making them stronger. By aiding our bodies in performing a task that it has been perfecting for thousands of years, neutralizing and digesting bad bugs, we can keep our internal microbiome happy and thriving so that we can enjoy Blissfully Happy (Beatific) Wellness.

Hydration Matters

When our bodies are improperly hydrated, there is not an adequate amount of free moisture to flush out every microbial self-appointed czar that infiltrates our open borders (i.e. mouth, eyes, nose, and skin membranes) and to maintain the lubrication of all of our systems. This allows that czar-want-to-be to wreak havoc and effectively disrupt our internal systems very quickly.