Business PLAN

No matter what sets your heart on fire, it is possible!

Being a business owner is a truly unique experience. One that offers freedom, flexibility, and pay that is equivalent to work. No more payment for an hour’s worth of work or a salary position that promotes less-than-efficient work ethic.

As THE BOSS, you make the calls. You have skin in the game so you work hard, but with balance and delegation, you can also play hard and enjoy rest!

Business Strategy: The Plan

Online? Brick and mortar? Product? Service? Investment? Content? Subscription? Affiliate?

What are your strengths? Who and How can you help? What is the problem and solution? Why?

Time and time again, the importance of having a plan are proven in the success of businesses. I am a prime example. My mission was to help people, and I jumped right in. Without answering any of the key questions, knowing anything about marketing or a business plan, or caring about the difference between a LLC and a S-Corp. And even though it turned out fine, there is a clearer, cleaner, straighter path, and who better to share the joys, struggles, and victories in defining your the purpose of your new chapter than someone that went the long way around in finding theirs!

Starting with clarity, and then courage and action to get you legal and marketable so that you can make money and fulfill your purpose in this new chapter.

Pick a time to connect with me and we’ll start with the basics. And I’ll share with you the best Q&A (in pdf) for new entrepreneurs, including the differences between being a business owner and working a MLM, as well as the best resources for legal, insurance, and tax advice!

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