Clarity, courage, and action lead to purpose, prosperity, and abundance IF you know where you are headed!

And for that, you must dare to dream!!!

Daring to dream is not about planning that perfect holiday or vacation. It’s about planning for Tuesday!

Get excited about a life where Tuesdays are amazing! A life where you enjoy what you do so much that you are not working for the weekend!

Need help getting those creative juices flowing or imagining what a good Tuesday could look like, this quiz is a tool. I have taken it several times with the objective being to imagine. When you really allow yourself to consider that anything is possible and respond in that energy, your responses may surprise you!


Springing out of bed with crystal clear focus.

Being Invigorated to workout, eat well, and get outside.

Teaching your kids by example that they can be ANYTHING!!

Being peacefully aware and 100% present. Living each moment with intention!

These are the symptoms of knowing where you are going and how to get there!!

As a mom, our primary purpose is being a mom. That’s a given!! But if you have ever felt like there might be more, or perhaps you are at the point where your kids are starting their own chapters and you are being cast as an “extra”, discovering your secondary purpose is a game-changer!

You do not need a hobby!! You want purpose, but more importantly, you need clarity!

Please consider this an invitation to not just imagine, but to begin the next step with absolute clarity!

Imagine the kids’ excitement watching YOU follow your dreams!!!

Beatific Wellness is a Woman-Led, Women-Focused Society of Moms that knows that we can be great moms while also following our dreams!

What sets your heart on fire?!

Let’s give those thoughts wings and make them a reality!

With tangible, results-based guidance, let’s do more than think about it or talk about it. Let’s do it!!

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