Taking a "Human" Break

Take a break to be human … and stop pretending that you’re alright!

It is necessary for your emotional and mental wellness, and just as vital for your physical wellness!!

A Smorgasbord of Options

What is candida overgrowth?
Why does my tongue tingle?
Can I ever eat gluten again?
Is milk bad?
What causes brain fog?
How does lymphatic congestion cause my fingers or ankles to swell, or my hands to feel cold?
What can I do about arthritis?
I have an autoimmune disease. What do I do now?

Wash your Mind

Wash your Mind in two steps and 20 minutes! Free yourself from the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety NOW! Realize that those things that have been twirling around in your brain may not only impact your concentration, but also your physical health.

Brain, Mouth, Gut

The relationship between the microbes in our gut, brain, and mouth offer insight into blood sugar and a vast array of other symptoms, all potentially triggered by bleeding gums!