You Are Enough.

In fact, you’re awesome!

But to land that dream job, it takes more.

The hiring manager for your dream job is not going to stop you on the street and offer you the job because you’re awesome, experienced, and educated with a strong work ethic and an incredible attitude! (And if they do, don’t take the free candy or get in the van!🤣)

No. Landing that Dream job requires action.

If you have ever had trouble getting traction or following through on a dream, goal, or even a diet, you are in the right place!!

Let’s move out of “stuck”!!

Stuck is where you’re unsure what steps to take. It consists of buffering and aimless scrolling on social media or Netflix. It’s the land of indecision. And in the land of indecision, there is no clarity, focus, or drive. It’s dark, rainy, and muddy. Ick!

But traction triumphs over stuck!😁 Think 4-wheel drive!

(This guide may have been better titled “4-wheel drive traction for your goals”!) — Nonetheless, for the Four Easiest and Most effective Strategies towards getting traction:

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