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About Beatific Wellness

Like you, I have worn many hats. And even though my “MOM” hat will always be the most important, my hats as an engineer, entrepreuneur, and chemist have allowed me to teach my kids abundance and prosperity. More importantly, by example, I have shown my kids that they can do anything!

They watched me finished my degrees with late nights and sacrifices.

They watched me land my dream job.

They watched me interview for new jobs, get hired, and then get promoted.

They watched me do all the wrong things in starting my own business! They watched the pivots and the mindset battles! They watched the perseverance, dedication, and sweat. They watched me (and helped me pick and) hire my own coaches. And they watched every up and down until my business worked!

And that is exactly what I want for you.

I want you to enjoy the prosperity and abundance, and to show your kids that you CAN do whatever sets your heart on fire!

I want them to watch you DO what you said you would do it, and succeed!

I want you to show them, by example, that they can do anything that they set their mind and heart to!

Whether we like it or not, our kids’ confidence, money-blocks, and mindset hurdles are being learned right now! – What better time to teach them there is a better way than RIGHT NOW!

No matter how many hats you are wearing, how many things you are juggling, or how many of the millions ways of buffering sound more interesting for your free time, if your purpose is calling, it won’t stop. It won’t be silenced by time or drowned out by music, parties, busy work, commitments, committees, or wine.

When you’re ready to experience the clarity, courage, and action necessary to fill that secondary or tertiary purpose, set up a time for our call (below) and we can chat. But before that, be sure to take the quick quiz. It’s a wonderful tool that I continue to use to think about what’s possible. It gets the juices flowing so that you know you don’t have to contain your dreams to a small box. It’s okay to be more!! Talk to you soon!!

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