Tabitha, Lifestyle Coach

My passion and charisma define who I am, and you can determine for yourself how to best “characterize” me when we meet for your free discovery session.

Until then, I’ll start with what I am not. I am not a single lady working on the human genome project in Chicago.

That was my vision!

So, instead, I am a mom and wife, and I work in aerospace. Apart from the white picket fence, we’re what statistics would call “normal”.

Life is sometimes comical how it turns those visions upside down and makes them 1000% better!

Yet, if you get to know us, we’re far from “normal”. We live in the woods with a plethera of feline-friends, decorate with rare cars, and we laugh. We laugh a lot.

“Coffee, Cats, Couch” essentially describes my bliss. – And yet, most people that come to me don’t like coffee or cats! C’est la vie!!

Oh, and I guess you’ll want credentials.

I have two amazing degrees that alowed me to take a long sabbatical before completing so that I could stay at home with the kids for seven years. The moment my youngest began kindergarten, I was re-enrolled! Even though I invested several years (not to mention the traditional blood, sweat, and tears) into two pieces of paper, I’m grateful for the experiences these have allowed. Due to my amazing professors, my BS in biochemistry and BA in chemistry have allowed me to brainstorm, synthesize, purify, and speak on a compound that was successfully tested for use as a pharmaceutical for hypertension.

With the correct tools, your passion and potential are enough!

I specialize in helping women take ownership of their lives, followed by sustainable bliss!

My clients learn to make educated short-term decisions based on their long-term goals so that they can live blissfully happy!

My clients

After working together, my clients understand the effects of their short-term decisions on their long-term health and wellness goals. They understand the impact of passive and intentional toxin exposure on their body’s chemical processes, immune system, and mind, and realize that both internal and external toxins can trigger brain-fog, autoimmune and allergic diseases, food sensitivies, and a number of other symptoms. With this knowledge, my clients can make educated decisions regarding diet, relationships, wellness protocols, vaccines, and their futures.

My clients are empowered and know how and when to take control.

You have massive and amazing potential, but your circumstances act like blinders.

Be empoweredred. Let me help!

Coffee. Coaching. Bliss.

Begin today!

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Now is your opportunity to help your friend, your daughter, your sister, your mother, your neighbor, or another wonderful woman!!

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About coaching

You can go anywhere you want to go in terms of your goals! You can desire “just to feel happy” or want peace, or plan to lose weight, or quit smoking, over-eating, over-drinking, or stressing, or even run your first marathon! The same initial concepts apply to all of these and that is where we start. Those basic first steps are the difference between a fad diet that lasted a week and sustainable, long-term success. During that time, we will work together to customize a unique plan just for you.

You can not feel driven on someone else’s path! You have to be on YOUR path.

After hope, mindset and perspective are everything!

There are people who do and those who complain. Belong to the first group.