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helping women feel better

long term

Because it is not enough to just feel better short term.
Your Wellness Advocate understands the balance between your long term wellness goals and the short-term components.

Through the years of jumping down “rabbit holes” in my personal wellness journey and also in support of the wellness journeys of my clients and friends, the focus has shifted from immediate and guaranteed short term results through natural detox to mindset and kicking the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety, to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the science of epigenetics, and now it has all been rolled up into the well-rounded approach of advocating for your long term wellness!

A business anchored in gratitude and the desire to help women feel better!

Years ago I began a quirky movement within my business that stuck. Every client receives a thank you card. It is an immense privilege to have the opportunity to partner with my clients and share in their diverse wellness journeys, all rooted in the desire to feel better, and I am truly grateful!

Other ways that I show appreciation to my clients is through first-look at the beta-tests for online courses, referral bonuses, just-because gifts, and (upcoming) exclusive destination wellness trips. But my favorite is still the Thank you cards!

Helping you feel better is at the heart of my business!


Step One – Pick your opportunity! (And because I have been where you are, yes, I have included prices.) Consider your long term and short term wellness goals and whether you would like full access to someone that can assist 24/7. Or perhaps you prefer a less rigid schedule with the flexibility of the NEW “Coffee and Spirits” option!

Step Two – Schedule a call with me. This quick 15-minute consult is free, and is best utilized if you are able to articulate your goal, symptom, ailment, or need. We’ll ensure we are on the same page and that we work well together. This also acts as a pre-assessment so I can get a jump start before our first session. If this is as far as you want to go, that’s fine, but let me know so that I can make these 15 minutes impactful. My goal is still help!

Step Three – Select the day(s) and time(s) that I can reserve for you on my schedule each week, based on the opportunity you select. We can started the same day!!!

I walk with you through every win and obstacle on your wellness journey! From symptoms to root cause. From stagnant health, downward spiral of ailments, or mentoring you as you care for a loved one suffering, through to abundant and inspiring long term wellness!

As your Wellness Advocate, I imagine it’s like being the flame-holder for the Olympics. We both belong to TEAM YOU, and I’m just carrying the flame and holding the space for you while you get well. I’m in your corner providing the encouragement, compassion, science, mindset, and options that you so desperately deserve and didn’t know you needed! And when you’re well, educated, and empowered, you grab that flame and help educate and empower those around you! — Imagine the awesome impact we can have!!

As a biochemist, engineer, wellness advocate, and entrepreneur, I understand that helping people feel better drives me.

What drives you?