About Me

Beatific Wellness is an online coaching boutique focused on helping people find happiness in health so that they can Love the Life they Live and Live the Life they Love!

That is the mantra that fills my mind before, during, and after every coaching call and visit.

I believe that we all deserve to live, and are worthy of living, our best life. And everyday is another opportunity to show up better than the way we did the day before.

No. Matter. What. The mission of Beatific Wellness is to hold the space for you so that you can enjoy health as you work towards your big dreams.

My passion and charisma define who I am. This will likely be evident when we get on the phone for your free Consultation.

Until then, I’ll start with what I am not. I am not a single lady working on the human genome project in Chicago.

That was my vision!

Instead, I am a mom and wife, and I have enjoyed years as a biochemist and engineer, and am currently working in aerospace. Apart from the white picket fence, our family is what statistics would consider “normal”.

Yet, if you get to know us, we’re far from “normal”. We live in the woods with a plethera of feline-friends, decorate with rare cars, and we laugh. We laugh a lot.

“Coffee, Cats, Couch”, paired with a mild thunderstorm, is definitely my version of bliss.

Oh, and my favorite past time is scientific research, specifically the studies around (can you guess!!) epigenetics. That may not seem sexy to you, but for me, it’s fabulous!

To best support my wellnes, the wellness of my family, and the wellness of my clients, I consistently learn! As an avid student with two college degrees in biochemistry and chemistry, I am continuing my studies of Ayurveda and continue to explore new methodologies of coaching.

In this consistent world of excitement over the simplicity of wellness, I have been so impressed by the correlation between our new scientific “discoveries” and the 5000 year old knowledge behind Ayerveda!!