My “MOM” hat is ALWAYS near. And it should be! My kids are my first purpose!

But I have other purposes also!

One of them is to help women imagine their lives with a secondary purpose! With acceptance that is is OKAY TO BE MORE, they become exceited. And as they get clarity, they become invigorated.

Your “MOM” hat will always be near, but imagine the other hats and the other roles you can play!

Imagine the impact a secondary purpose and the abundance and prosperity that are possible can have on your family, community, and others across the globe!!

Imagine the vibrancy and life you could flow into your every day actions with a blissfully happy temperament and an indispensable ability to flow with change!


Now, add clarity, courage, and action, and imagine what this new chapter could look like for you, your family, your kids, and your community!

What does it taste like, feel like, and smell like?

Is the sun brighter, the grass greener, the water warmer?

What are you doing with the abundance and prosperity? Traveling? More family-centered time?

What kinds of fun are you having?

Don’t you feel Lighter? Brighter? More at peace?

Now look at you!! You’re Inspired! And you’re glowing!

Join me! I look forward to chatting with you!!

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