Driving a parked CAR

If you’ve ever pushed the accelerator in your parked car, you know that the fuel being burned is wasted. The car isn’t going to go anywhere in park.

And yet, we often go around in our lives “stuck”.

That’s because we’re trying to drive a parked car. And until you know how to take the CORRECT action to get out of stuck and get the car into DRIVE, you’ll continue to burn fuel in wasted effort.

When we are stuck, our creative channels are locked shut and the simplest, seemingly most insignificant nuggets of information are hidden from view. Given enough time, we’ll drain our tanks and feel heavy, exhausted, and hopeless.

Cemented, plastered, and paralyzed.  

I have been there. And I can help.

In my story, I kept filling the gas tank by investing time, money, and energy into my career, but that parked car just wouldn’t go.  

I no longer visited “stuck”; I lived in “stuck”! 

My optimism was drained and replaced with cynicism. I multi-tasked, worked longer and harder. I tried everything, except for putting that car into drive. And after time, my relationships and even my health suffered.

And then I received assistance in finding the hidden nuggets.

You see. There are only four components to reach any goal!! 
(1)    Fuel – invest money, time, and passion
(2)    Vehicle – job, business, endeavor
(3)    Destination – the experience or goal driving the quest
(4)    Action – You have to put the vehicle in DRIVE! 

I was “stuck” because I hadn’t taken the appropriate action.

I had turned the steering wheel, adjusted the seat, pushed the peddles, moved the mirrors, cleaned the console, revved the engine, and topped off the fuel, but I had not put the car in to DRIVE!! 

I had taken lots of actions. – But I hadn’t taken the correct action!!

Whether your experience with being “stuck” is holding on to the wheel steering away from a train wreck like I was, or just patiently waiting for help to arrive, being stuck in the driver’s seat of a parked car is no fun!!  

Realizing you’re stuck is critical, and the next step is realizing that taking the same actions will get you the same results, and giving yourself permission to stop analyzing and each day doing a single new action. 

At work, this may mean buying a smoothie for a disgruntled co-worker and online this may mean putting a positive spin on just one post. For me, it meant being more visible. It required becoming empowered.

Wherever your path takes you, I wish you a fabulous “unstuck” adventure!

And if I can help, join me every Monday and Friday, LIVE on Facebook, @beatificwellnessdotcom.

“Introducing Unstuck”
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Element Ten: “Hope and Fear”
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