Taking a “Human” Break

Stop pretending like you’re alright!

Swallowing the irritation, sadness, or grief from the occassional stressors can cause indigestion, but frequent attempts really does have PHYSICAL ramifications.

So let’s begin with the purpose of feelings. Feelings are emotions triggered by our brain based on our thoughts. Our thoughts, even though none of us like this truth, are actually ONLY our interpretation or our perspective of reality.

How we perceive the world causes thoughts, and those thoughts create feelings and emotions. And, as the ENERGY in MOTION that they are, emotions take a specific route through our body, and when un-obstructed, leave.

BUT… if we fight the emotion or feeling, and PREVENT these energies from leaving, we create internal conflict. This  internal stress can trigger a fight or flight response. (Think anxiety.)

Now, let me ask you… What good is it going to do to run, hide, or fight from an INTERNAL stressor.

NONE what so ever!!!

And yet, many of us put our bodies into this state daily … Often, without realizing!!

The popular antidote from feeling (at inopertune times, during busy schedules, or at all) is the ability to mute our thoughts. By putting our thoughts on “mute”, we have enabled part of this situation.

But, as Marie Forleo would say, everything is figureoutable.

Even this!!!

We can remedy this just by taking notice of our thoughts!

We can stop feeling emotions associated witb childhood triggers (that we didn’t realize we had), by listening to our thoughts and holding ourselves accountable for those thoughts!

But that is only part of the solution.

Even if we know our thoughts and can justify our emotional responses to our perspective of reality, if we buffer away or stuff our feelings into a black box in our stomach, we havn’t accomplished anything!

Emotions must be allowed to dissipate!! That means “feeling” those feelings, and in a world primed on composure and tight schedules, this requires TIME!

Emotions are eloquently named since they are indeed energies “in motion”. And, when uninhibited, will disipate on their own!

And since you can’t pretend to be alright when you desperately need to “feel” those feelings, it’s best to realize you’re human and that feeling those feelings and allowing that energy to dissipate is worth taking a break!

Take a break to be human!

Taking a “human” break is necessary for your emotional and mental health, and is, come to discover, just as vital for your physical wellness!!

Published by Beatific Wellness

Passionately coaching women to reach their full potential through work-life balance, time management, gratitude, and stress-reducing exercises. My previous credibility in chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmaceuticals has allowed my clients to fully understand the effects of their short-term decisions on their long-term health and wellness goals. I help intelligent professionals and young creatives with permanent, sustainable change so that they meet their goals and better themselves, their families, and their communities!

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