A Smorgasbord of Options

It is awesome to be able to answer questions, but more than that, it is a privilege and a blessing that they chose me to ask!

Here are some of the questions that I hear often: 

  • What is candida overgrowth?
  • Why does my tongue tingle?
  • Can I ever eat gluten again?
  • Is milk bad?
  • What causes brain fog?
  • How does lymphatic congestion cause my fingers or ankles to swell, or my hands to feel cold?
  • What can I do about arthritis?
  • I have an autoimmune disease. What do I do now?

And I have answers to all of these! (Yes, I’m such a geek, so that little statement really was a statement of gratitude. Gratitude that I learned and gratitude that I get to share this information to help women feel better!!)

Now, my favorite way that I help people is actually not in answering questions, though I love that!!

I really love providing options!

You see, when we’re ill, we got to the doctor. The doctor says take x and y for 10 days. We take x and y for 10 days and we either feel better, or we return and the doctor says take l and m for 5 days. Again, either we feel better or we return. If we return, the doctor orders labs, tests, or xrays, and we wait. Then we get a referral, a new drug to take, or, even worse, we’re told “it’s in our head”. (Seriously, this actually happens.)

Now, I love doctors. It’s like choosing a mechanic. There’s a lot of them, so you pick the one that speaks your language and is able and willing to help! But even then, they are limited in how they can help. They can NOT offer ALL of the options!

And each of those medicines they prescribed in that scenario, ate away at your precious microbiome. And damage to that microbiome, has major implications on our wellness!!

All of this to say: YOU HAVE OPTIONS!!

So, to put your options in nutshell:

There are three stages or communities of wellness. There’s the tier that wants to make the environment better so that the body can perform the function itself. There’s the tier that wants to do the function for the body through a natural route (i.e.oils, herbs, etc.). And then there’s the tier that wants to do the function for the body by any means necessary.

What I really enjoy doing, again in addition to answering questions and helping women feel better: I lay out the options!

Like a buffet, I lay out all of the options for my clients. There is value in each of the three tiers, but not every tier is necessary at all times, and there may be long term effects for that short term success. We balance the pros and cons and the client gets to choose. Not only are they able to make a decision, there by owning their wellness (which is EPIC!!!), they also have learned a valuable long-term ability. They’ve discovered the balance between short term and long term wellness goals!

That’s what I do. 🙏🙏🙏 I help my client’s understand their options, the resources available, potential long term wellness effects from their short term solution, and then I share that journey with them. We walk that journey together. No more, waiting between appointments. Nope, we have consistent communication!

And that’s what wellness is all about. Having someone in your corner that cares about your wellness as much as you do!!

It is an absolute blessing to answer questions, and it’s truly A-W-E-S-O-M-E that you allow me to help! But more importantly, thank you for valuing your wellness enough to be curious!!

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it is the only thing that will save our wellness!!

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