Wash your Mind

When life seems crummy, WASH IT OFF! Wash off the critism, the unfinished to do lists, the unachieved goals, the snarky comments, the foul food, the dirty dishes, and any other stressors that are icky and gross in your gut!!
… Because harbouring stress is no different than harbouring icky slime in your gut!!

So, two steps!

STEP ONE, best done on paper: write it all out! The work situation, the home situation, the commute situation, the family situation, the kid situation, the food situation… You get the point. Write it all out. Your dog ate the couch, your car has issues, your favorite football team didn’t win… Whatever it is, write it down. Even the ones that may seem trivial or pathetic. And then write down the other stressors, because you know there’s more in there! And now think about your to do list or taxes or politics, or anything else that stresses you out, and write those down too. Your list may be massive, and that’s okay. 😱Realize that those things have been twirling around in your brain, many of them in the background, and telling your body to be on the lookout. Something bad is coming… Something really bad is coming…😱

And, if its been a while since you supervised your thoughts, your brain has been sending those signals throughout your body, so your whole body has been on high alert, and since our bodies are amazing and resilient, they know to pull the energy from the less key areas to support the more urgent needs and they’ve been pulling energy, preparing for whatever the bad thing is that the brain said was coming!

Has it been a day, a week, a month, a few months, a year?? Your brain said its coming, but it didn’t come. And we survived running on fewer cylinders because our bodies are amazing and resilient, but imagine the functionality and energy, vibrancy, and vitality you’ll enjoy when your body isn’t preparing for D-DAY!! Or perhaps your “norm” is stressed. If so, let’s fix it. It will manifest into symptoms and ailments!

So, with your list in hand, STEP TWO: separate the “can fix” from the “cannot fix”. You can mark out the “cannot fix” items so they are illegible or (preferred) write them on a separate paper and either burn the paper or rip it to shreds. There is no reason to fret over things that are outside of you that you can not fix.

Important note: you can not control other people. You may want to, but those are not “can fix” items.

And the “can fix” that you can fix soon, put those on a sticky note and put the sticky note on your cell phone or on the bathroom mirror, or set yourself an electronic reminder for soon (today or tomorrow). Limit yourself to five or six items that can be done soon! — So the most important ones that will make you happy or feel like a weight has been lifted, PICK THOSE!! Now, everything else that is a “can fix” but are earmarked for a later time and didn’t make your top five (or six), highlight them in yellow or green, and either put them on the calendar (preferred) for next week, next month, or “sometime this century”, OR simply put the list away and be ready to retrieve it when your five items are done. Either way, know that those items are safe on the paper, and you DO NOT need that garbage in your brain, or in your gut!!

This activity of washing off your mind is best done frequently, because we all know how easily our minds can run away, or get lost in a rabbit hole. 😂

I LOVE helping people through this process of cleansing and then re-organizing their minds! Let me help!!!

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Passionately coaching women to reach their full potential through work-life balance, time management, gratitude, and stress-reducing exercises. My previous credibility in chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmaceuticals has allowed my clients to fully understand the effects of their short-term decisions on their long-term health and wellness goals. I help intelligent professionals and young creatives with permanent, sustainable change so that they meet their goals and better themselves, their families, and their communities!

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