Hydration Matters

With 90% of our ecosystem being microbial, it shouldn’t surprise any of us that, as the human hosts, we feel it when that 90% is not functioning well.

To help keep that internal ecosystem happy and thriving, stay hydrated.

As I write this, I am envisioning my daughter’s eyes rolling, so as I giggle, please know that we need water. And not the water that is mixed with grounds in the production of coffee or the water that is in the ingredient list of your favorite drink. Real water.

To put it simply, when our bodies are improperly hydrated, there is not an adequate amount of free moisture to flush out every microbial self-appointed czar that infiltrates our open borders (i.e. mouth, eyes, nose, and skin membranes) and to maintain the lubrication of all of our systems. Our entire digestive tract is coated with mucus membranes, and these need moisture to properly function. Without hydration, that czar-want-to-be can wreak havoc and effectively disrupt our internal systems very quickly.

So, hydrate yourself with small quantities of warm or room-temperature water frequently throughout the day.

Especially beneficial in lubricating your digestion (without dampening agni, your digestive fire) drink a large glass of water 30 minutes before a meal, but not any closer to the meal time.

A similar activity that promotes hydration from the outside-in is hydrating the skin. While helping to calm vata, promote relaxation, aide in the skin’s immune function, and support the production of neurotransmitters, applying oils to your skin lubricates your skin, and when mixed with herbs are received into your skin rather than just staying on the surface. – This approach is similar to dental oil-pulling accomplished by swishing coconut oil in your mouth.

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