Era of Sanitizer

With 15 to 724 trillion microbes calling our bodies “home”, many of which are or may eventually prove to be beneficial, sanitizing the world through mass annihilation of all germs is not only ineffective, it is dangerous.

The Era of Sanitizers

If you are in favor of sanitizing the external world, I understand. In fact, I used to lather on the hand sanitizer and wipe every surface down with the yellow tubs of bacteria-killing wipes, especially as a new mom, but that was the old me. The new me understands that we are only seeing part of the iceberg of alarming issues that this era of anti-biotics, anti-bacterial soaps, and sanitizers has and is creating in our internal and external ecosystems.

We don’t need any more super-bugs or mutant viruses to understand that we are teaching the bad bugs what they need to do to survive, and they’re listening!

So before you use that hand sanitizer, know that you are massacring all of the good and bad, internal and external bugs, and teaching the bad bugs how to proliferate more effectively. And that the impact isn’t only limited to your body, or your community. The effect is widespread.

Provided the correct resources and environments, our bodies are masterful and capable of protecting us, unless we continue to stimulate the bad bugs, making them stronger. By aiding our bodies in performing a task that it has been perfecting for thousands of years, neutralizing and digesting bad bugs, we can keep our internal microbiome happy and thriving so that we can enjoy Blissfully Happy (Beatific) Wellness.

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