Brain, Mouth, Gut

We know that our bodies are complex electromagnetic vessels where every part from our foot to our head are interconnected, so following that same tract, it doesn’t surprise us to hear that there is a relationship between the microbes in our gut, brain, and mouth. Even more interesting, and perhaps startling if you suffer from this, is that bleeding gums are a possible passageway by which the nasty germs of our mouth leak into and proliferate within our arteries, heart, and brain. In fact, these bad-breath causing germs can do far more than cause bad breath; they  have been linked to arterial, heart, lung, brain, and blood sugar issues.

So how do we keep our mouths clean?

Well, fluorinated toothpaste is not the answer.

The Ayurvedic approach to clean mouths is three part:

(1)    Brush your tongue with a tongue cleaner first thing in the morning.

(2)    Brush your teeth with a clean toothpaste.

(3)    Oil pulling by swishing coconut oil until it become sudsy inside your mouth. This takes time and also works as a mouth exercise which is incredibly beneficial when learning a new language.

Before ingesting anything in the morning, drinking water helps to hydrate and wake up your organs.

As far as herbs, neem is a wonderful seed that is often still offered following an indian meal. Known to promote good mouth and dental health, neem may be a supplement or chew that interests you.

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