In my experience, the symptoms of BURNOUT are not just the exhaustion and negativity, but are often matched with hopelessness. When everything seems to be piled against you, it is incredibly difficult to make ANY step in the right direction, even a baby step! And “snapping out of it” isn’t always as easy as shaking it off with a nice shower, massage, or a bedtime tonic. Sometimes, a little dose of Ayerveda can be incredibly effective in preparing your body to make those transmitters that you desperately need.

Feeling better is not a gimmick, but feeling better is only half of the story. If you enjoy the herbal tonic or capsules, but don’t resolve the other influences that caused you to spiral into the “OVERWHELM”, your relief will be short lived.

Here are a few factors that I have found to be the most advantageous for long-term relief of burnout: meditation (if this scares you, you’re doing it wrong), brain download (a super simple exercise that I love walking people through, especially in the midst of overwhelm or stress), movement (even if you dance with your kid, cat, or dog, this is linked to neurotransmitter production and lymphatic cleansing), “reverse irritation” (believe me when I say I was shocked by the influence this seemingly-backwards practice has had in my life), sunshine, and of course meal-time practices.

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Passionately coaching women to reach their full potential through work-life balance, time management, gratitude, and stress-reducing exercises. My previous credibility in chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmaceuticals has allowed my clients to fully understand the effects of their short-term decisions on their long-term health and wellness goals. I help intelligent professionals and young creatives with permanent, sustainable change so that they meet their goals and better themselves, their families, and their communities!

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