Beatific (adj.) – Blissfully Happy

Through coaching and epigenetics, my clients enjoy blissfully happy health as they work towards their life goals!

The Balancing Act

Beatific Welllness balances physical, emotional, and mental health with the day to day requirements, hurdles, and moments of bliss that make up life! It requires that we live intentionally and in the moment, while working towards big goals such as dream relationships, careers, and finances.

Living a blissfully happy life is a test of perseverance, vitality, hope, and courage. For this reason, a coach is a perfect partner for this balancing act!!

It’s not Magic – It’s Science

Epigenetics describes how lifestyle impacts gene expression through DNA methylation, histone acetylation, and microRNA expression. And is the reason why many of the diseases previously considered ‘hereditary’ are no longer considered such.

Startling statistics since the discovery of epigenetics: 95% of diseases are preventable and only 5% of cancers are actually hereditary. Imagine the lives that could be saved and the heartache prevented through the education of epigenetics!!!

Epigenetics does not change the DNA code. It simply affects how often that code is read. Some codes, like tumor suppressor genes, we want read often!

Lifestyle is the remote control dictating how our genes are expressed!

Back in the Pilot’s Seat

Since lifestyle controls your gene expression, and your gene expression promotes or inhibits beatific health, YOU ARE IN CONTROL! By making positive daily, short-term decisions as they relate to your health, you are affecting not only your future gene expression, but also the gene expression of your children, and even your grandchildren!!

Through epigenetics coaching, you can challenge your family’s health history, elevated risk, or disease diagnosis, and begin living a healthier life where your dreams can take center stage!!!

The Importance of a Co-Pilot

As your co-pilot, I’m providing the tried and true coaching principles backed by scientific research!

Coaching is goal-oriented, action packed, thought-focused forward motion! It holds the space for you to dream big and feel better!

When you are ready to start living the life you desire, with the health you deserve, book your free epigenetics coaching consultation.

Privacy is important. All coaching sessions, details, and clients remain confidential.