Get the clarity, courage, and action to enjoy prosperity and abundance!


Springing out of bed with crystal clear focus.

Invigorated to workout, eat well, and get outside.

Teaching your kids by example that they can be ANYTHING!!

Peacefully aware! 100% present. Living each moment with intention!

The symptoms of clarity are amazing and contagious!!

As a mom, our primary purpose is being a mom. That’s a given!! But if you have ever felt like there might be more, or perhaps you are at the point where your kids are starting their own chapters and you are being cast as an “extra”, discovering your secondary purpose is a game-changer! And with the focus on clarity, courage, and action, this is more than just a response to your loved one that says that you need a hobby! This is an invitation for prosperity and abundance, wrapped up in a beautiful package called purpose!

What would prosperity and abundance look like in your marriage? Look like for your family? How would it impact your kids, watching their mom follow her dreams?

Beatific Wellness is a Woman-Led, Women-Focused Society of Moms that knows that we can be great moms and also enjoy the prosperity and abundance of fulfilling another purpose!! All of us are walking the walk, and we invite you to walk with us!!

What sets your heart on fire?! Have you dreamed of finishing a degree or going back to school? Is there a dream job that seems just out of reach? How are you sharing your gifts with the world?

Let’s give those thoughts wings of clarity, courage, and action!, and make them a reality!

With tangible, results-based guidance, let’s do more than think about it or talk about it. Let’s do it!!

Let’s Chat! But first, take the quiz and get those juices flowing on what is actually possible!