Life is Better Quirky

Coaching is goal-oriented, action packed, thought-focused forward motion! It holds the space for you to dream big and feel better!

It is not therapy. It is coaching.

I love coaching, and my favorite imagery is that “you can’t see the label from inside the jar!” Coaching provides a separate, unbiased, judgement-free perspective to read the label and see your blind spots.

When you are ready to start living the life you know is possible, book your free consultation.

I work with amazing people. Quirky, courageous, motivated, successful people. I help them live intentionally while keeping the other areas of their life in check.

I hold the space for my clients so they can ponder the hard questions, feel the hard emotions, and deal with the same limiting beliefs that many of us have been taught all our lives.

These amazing people aren’t perfect. Which is why they have a coach.

I have a coach. My coach has a coach. Every coach has a coach. And every person should have a coach.

Because coaching helps people feel better!! It creates a safe space so that you can be intentional and deliberate, showing up how you want to show up!

Coaching also helps us remember those blind spots. Like our health when we’re starting a business, our relationship when we’re consumed with circumstances, and our passions when we’re working a lot.

Unless you’re perfect, you can benefit from coaching.

👠Boss babes killing it in business, while relationship sits on the back burner.

🧸Moms with incredible relationships with their kids, plagued with money troubles.

🥼Clients with extraordinary credentials that long to apply them in the entrepreneurial market so they have time to experience life.

🧨Young professionals with enough charisma and drive to power a city, but no actionable or sustainable path forward.

ğŸŽ¨Creatives that have trouble articulating their goals, but know that it is going to be great!

Getting Started

Most of my potential clients book a free consultation since I offer it as a gift. This free one-on-one coaching is a wonderful opportunity for us to work together and see how we interact. We’ll do a life areas assessment and I’ll guide you through visualization practices you can do at home. In addition, we’ll determine your clarity, courage, and commitment towards your passions, goals, and purpose, and figure out if we can work together. You’ll receive free coaching.

Privacy is important. All coaching sessions, details, and clients remain confidential.